Proficiency Tests

The Pony Club Training structure encourages members to take tests which enables them to learn progressively about horse and pony care and riding. The tests are taken at recommended ages and are designed with certain objectives in mind.

List of Tests:

  • E Test
  • D Test
  • D+ Test
  • C Test
  • Riding and Road Safety
  • C+ Test
  • B Test
  • B+ Test
  • H Test
  • A Test

Summary of Different Tests

Note: the Irish Pony Club have prepared a detailed Test Card for each specific proficiency test. You can click on the different proficiency tests listed below and it will display its IPC Test Card.

Proficiency Test Highlights 2019/2020

Successful in the D test in April

Miya Kelly, Emily Duke, Katie Martin, Alex Shortt, Charlotte Weld, Leah Cox, Alannah Stewart, Charlotte Kelly, Conor Fahey.

D+ test

Pippa Ross, Miya Kelly, Katie Martin, Nicky Bolton, Isabelle Walsh, Keelagh Mannion, Robert O Ryan, Leah Cox, Alannah Stewart, Penny Kelly, Georgia Myerscough.

C test at The Field Equestrian in March

Andrew Moore, Paddy Smullen, Emma Wilson, Sophie Naughton, Daragh O Haire, Ben Connors, Lucy Maughan, Lucy Kenny, Saoirse Loftus, Roisin O Grady, Emily McRedmond, Kate Fahey.

E test at Punchestown

Orla Cleary, Lillie B Meridith, Ronan Duffy, Eliza Wardell, Sadhbh Whelan, Jack Beirne, Adam Beirne, Harry Lambe, Sophie Kinsella, Gwendolyn Bradford, Lauren O Neill, Iris Fleming, Jack McArdle.

We also ran a D, D+ and C test during camp this summer with many successful candidates.

Successful in their Riding and Road exam in September in Punchestown

Emma Wilson, Indigo Doolin, Tullulah Doolin, Lucy Hennessy, Annie O Neill, Sophie O Neill, Alex Connors, Jessica Reid.

C+ Test on November 2nd

Congratulations to Lottie Ross, Lucy Ross and Jessica Reid on passing their C+ test in November. They all worked really hard at all elements of the test.

Looking forward to 2020.

Fiona Hayes (087-7609565) and Martha Reid (087-2566328) are the committee member responsible for Proficiency Tests within our branch, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.