About Us

The Pony Club is a voluntary organisation where young people who love ponies and riding can join and progress to what ever level of equestrianism they desire.

There are over 220 Pony Club Members from all over Kildare in the Kildare Hunt Pony Club aged from 7 to 23 years of age. Membership of The Pony Club offers fun, friendship, training, events and competitions throughout the year for all standards of riding from lead rein to international competition. Kildare Hunt Pony club is in existence since 1953 and has been the life blood of equestrian activity in Kildare region for the past 50 years. The current structure of the club is in place for a number of years now and has proved very successful to date in growing and expanding the club. The challenge we face going forward is catering for the needs of 250+ members ranging from 6 and 7 year olds who are just getting their first taste of riding to some of our teenagers who compete internationally on Irish teams on both horses and ponies. An additional challenge is the requirement to cater for all levels of riding for all ages with the maximum age now extended to 23 years of age.

Wrapped around the core working element of the club is the administration where the day to day running of the club is catered for. The Administration layer is there to support, guide and assist the club as a whole and to interact with the IPC governing body to ensure our members are properly represented and that we are up to date with progress, changes etc within the overall movement and that we are on a financially sound footing.

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Meet The Committee Members

The members of our committee (all voluntary) are as follows:

Ruth Masterson
DC - Website & Facebook - Communication

Ruth Masterson 0873892652

Una Holohan
Assistant DC/ Secretary

Una Holohan 086 8205539

Gillian Harty
Assistant Secretary

Gillian Harty 087 2204044

Claire Cahill
Assistant Secretary

Claire Cahill 087 4145171

Cora Butler
Child Safety Officer/ Committee records

Cora Butler 087 2150845

Paula Duffy

Paula Duffy 086 8185929

Gillian Walsh
Minimus/ Tetrathlon/ Cross Country Training

Gillian Walsh 087 6424111

Rachel Queally
Minimus/ Tetrathlon/ Cross Country

Rachel Queally 087 2037985

Pete Webbon
Minimus/Tetrathlon/Cross country

Pete Webbon 089 2095426

John Curley
Head of Grounds/ Cross Country Courses for Minimus & ODE

John Curley 086 8094503

Fergus Maughan
Head of Dressage

Fergus Maughan 087 9676159

Laura McCann
Head of SJ

Laura McCann 087 9343784

Gail McDermott
Show Jumping

Gail McDermott 087 6867566

Cliona Twomey

Cliona Twomey 086 6093760

Sinead Weld

Sinead Weld 087 7170580

Chantal Stewart
Senior Riders

Chantal Stewart 0831591082

Hannah Fox
Senior Riders plus Shop & Merchandise

Hannah Fox 087 2313856

Lucinda Creighton
Under 10's

Lucinda Creighton 086 6009296

Suzie McGee
Under 10's

Suzie McGee 087 2027922

Sandra Phipps
Exams/ Instructors

Sandra Phipps 0877651891

Bernie Dillon
Gun Licence - Tetrathalon

Bernie Dillon 086 2872619