Minimus has been very successful within KHPC over the past number of years and members participating enjoy it immensely. It is truly a team sport with different members of the team excelling in certain phases and weaker in other phases with the combined team effort forming the end result. Training for Minimus typically starts in spring time. All members are welcome to join the swimming and running training. There are also a number of competitions held other than the Championships normally held in April & May.

Minimus is for children under 12 on the year they wish to compete. There are 3 stages, swimming for 2 minutes (unaided), running 1000 meters cross country, and cross country riding (fences no bigger than 80 cm). It is a great way for kids and parents to meet. Each year around 40 kids from KHPC compete in the Minimus National Championships and it is usually a great weekend of fun for everyone

Minimus Competitions

KHPC Training/ Competitions

For Minimus we typically start training early in the year around February with swimming and running on Saturday mornings. We also start organising training rallies early in the year, so keep an eye on this website and our ‘What’s On’ page for details of upcoming rallies.

As part of the preparation for Minimus, many pony clubs organise Minimus training days which include the 3 disciplines of swimming, running and riding. These are a fantastic opportunity for the children to practice and they are also great fun days for all involved. The Kildare branch training day is typically scheduled during April and is always a memorable day for our club.

The IPC Minimus Championships are held annually in June.

Other important Info re Minimus - To help with your training, try taking part in a few Hunter Trials. The pre novice and some novice courses are suitable in most cases. Remember the maximum height for Minimus is 80cm. In Minimus also you will have to negotiate a gate and a slip rail. The gate has to be opened and closed from the pony's back and you must dismount to do the slip rail and remount unaided. Practice at home as much as you can and we will have training for this later on. When competing for the club at inter competitions please take a look at our website for a list of equipment you will need as tack inspections at these events are very strict! See links under Downloads.

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