The aim of the Irish Pony Club Tetrathlon is to provide members with a challenging competition requiring sound practical horsemanship and general athletic ability. Members must have passed their ‘C’ Test to be eligible to compete at Tetrathlon

Junior Tetrathlon is for competitors under 15 on 1st January of the year they wish to compete. There are 4 phases; air rifle, shooting at 10 metre targets, swimming for 3 minutes, running 1500 metres cross country and cross country riding with fences no bigger than 90 cm.

Senior Tetrathlon is for competitors under 21 on 1st January of the year they wish to compete. The phase structure for girls is the same as for Junior. Senior boys must swim for 4 minutes and run 3000 meters. Both boys and girls shoot air pistols instead of rifles. Cross country fences are no bigger than 105 cm.

KHPC members participating in Tetrathlon enjoy it immensely. Emphasis is on participation and enjoyment. Although swimming and running training can be challenging, the results are rewarding not just for pony club competition but general health and well being of our members.

Tetrathlon Competitions

KHPC Training/ Competitions

Training typically starts in February and all members are welcome to join the swimming and running sessions. Shooting training usually begins in June. There are several competitions other than the Championships, normally held in April and May. Tetrathlon championships usually take place over a weekend in August.

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